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How Much Does It Cost to Visit Char Dham?

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Char Dham?

Char Dham Yatra is considered one of the most sacred and blessed pathways for every Hindu to walk on. If you’re seeking a pilgrimage experience, let us guide you through the Himalayan of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. In this blog, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the Yatra, including the cost, itinerary, best time to visit, and how to reach*  these destinations.

At MND Travels, we understand the importance of offering quality travel packages for the Char Dham Yatra. Our char dham yatra package start from 20800 onwards, which includes Transportation, food, stay and other facilities. 

Cost of Chardham yatra tour by helicopter

For those seeking a time-efficient option, the Yatra by helicopter offers a unique experience. While the cost is higher compared to traditional routes, it provides convenience and views of the breathtaking landscapes.

Experience the Yatra like never before with a helicopter tour package. Witness the panoramic vistas of the Himalayas and the sacred sites from the sky. Our helicopter tour ensures convenience, comfort, and views, making your pilgrimage unforgettable.

Best Time For Char Dham Yatra

Choosing the right time to undertake the Yatra is crucial for a fulfilling and safe experience. Generally, the yatra season starts in April/May and continues till October/November, coinciding with the favourable weather conditions in the Himalayan. The peak months of May and June witness the maximum number of pilgrims, while September and October offer an ambience with fewer crowds.

Places You Will Visit on Char Dham Yatra


The journey begins at Yamunotri, where the Yamuna River originates. Pay homage at the ancient Yamunotri Temple and take a dip in the hot springs of Janki Chatti.


Proceed to Gangotri, the birthplace of the River Ganges. Visit the revered Gangotri Temple and witness the inspiring beauty of the Bhagirathi River.


Next, visit Kedarnath, home to the famous Kedarnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Trek through breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in spirituality.


Conclude your journey at Badrinath, where the Badrinath Temple awaits. Seek blessings amidst the Neelkanth Peak and the Alaknanda River.

How To Reach

By Road

The most common way to reach the Char Dhams is by road. Depending on your starting point (Delhi or Haridwar), you can either drive or opt for a shared transport service.

By Helicopter

For a quicker and more exclusive journey, choose our helicopter tour package. Depart from the Dehradun Sahasradhara helipad and soar above the Himalayan landscapes to reach each Dham efficiently.

By Rail

If you prefer a combination of rail and road travel, you can take a train to nearby railway stations like Haridwar or Dehradun and then proceed by road to the respective Dham.


1-Which is the best month to undertake the Char Dham yatra?

The best time to undertake the Char Dham trip is between April and June. When vibrant blossoms ornament extensive trails, and the summertime bodes the foothills well and when the weather in Char Dham is good enough to attract tourists.

2-Do I need to be physically fit to undertake the yatra?

Yes, you must have a certain level of physical fitness to undertake the Char Dham yatra. Make sure you’re physically capable of completing the challenging journey. You should begin planning for the Char Dham trip by engaging in physical activity long before the Chardham Yatra starts.

3-When does it snow in Kedarnath?

Kedarnath usually snows between November and April. This season is not a good time to visit, as roads to Kedarnath get blocked due to heavy snowfall.

4-How many days do you need in Char Dham?

The complete yatra will take you 11 to 12 days. If time permits, there are many other diversions, such as Gaumukh, Tapovan, Along Valley, Bhauravnath Temple, Vasuki Tal, Chopta, Auli, and Hemkund Sahib. You can choose to start your yatra in Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, or Dehradun at your convenience.

5-How much distance is covered in Char Dham yatra?

Suppose you wish to take a road trip to the holy sites. In that case, a route map from Delhi will follow the course of Delhi-Haridwar-Barkot-Yamunotri-Uttarkashi-Gangotri-Guptkashi-Kedarnath-Badrinath-Rishikesh-Delhi, covering 1,607 km.

6-How many people visit Char Dham every year?

A record 4.1 million pilgrims visited Chota Char Dham in 2022. Over 1.4 million pilgrims have already visited Kedarnath, over 600,000 have visited Gangotri, and over 500,000 have visited Yamunotri. Around 1.5 million pilgrims visited Badrinath in the same year.



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