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Chardham tour package | Char dham yatra package - 2024

Uttarakhand, popularly termed DevBhoomi, the land of Gods, is a temple-rich region that welcomes visitors throughout the year.MND Travels offers devotees to book char dham yatra packages online. Our packages are designed to offer a hassle-free and comfortable tour of Uttarakhand.


This yatra includes traveling to four holy and sacred locations: The Himalayan shrines of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. In English, the char is referred to as “four,” while “Dham” denotes a place of worship. The Char Dham Yatra and Char Dham Yatra family packages provided by MND Travels are the best for anyone visiting and exploring the Char Dhams. We also offer a special char dham yatra package for senior citizens; you can directly book Char Dham yatra packages online through our website.


These Himalayan shrines open in the spring (April or May) and get closed at the start of winter (October or November), remaining closed for around six months a year because of extreme cold and heavy snowfall. According to the old beliefs and rituals, the Char Dham Yatra is supposed to be completed in a clockwise direction. The yatra starts from Yamunotri, goes through Gangotri and Kedarnath, and concludes at Badrinath.

Travel could be done either by road or via air. MND Travels provides the best Char Dham Yatra Package and Chardham Yatra by helicopter at affordable and budget-friendly prices. Some devotees with the time constraint even choose a Do Dham Yatra Package, i.e., Kedarnath Yatra and Badrinath Yatra.


The Yamunotri Temple, devoted to Goddess Yamuna, is situated in a small canyon close to the source of the Yamuna River, the second holiest river in India after the Ganga,

 The Gangotri Temple, is devoted to the goddess Ganga, the holiest of all Indian rivers, is also located in the Uttarkashi district. The Kedarnath Temple, located in the Rudraprayag district, is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Badrinath, the final Dham of the Chardham yatra, is the revered temple of Badrinarayan and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

 While the Char Dham Yatra is both divine and grueling, it also satisfies the soul of the traveller. You can now directly book the char dham yatra package online from MND Travel at an affordable price and Hassel free booking. Being the best-traveling agency in Dehradun, MND Travels offers a wide range of Char Dham Yatra Packages, which you can choose accordingly. 

List of Best Char Dham Yatra Packages

Badrinath & Kedarnath Yatra package by helicopter

Badrinath & Kedarnath Yatra Package By Helicopter

1 Day
chardham yatra from delhi

Char Dham Yatra From Delhi 12 Days

chardham yatra from haridwar

char dham yatra from haridwar


Char Dham Yatra From Haridwar 09 Days

chardham yatra from delhi

Char Dham Yatra From Delhi 11 Days

11 Days

Uttarakhand Chardham tour package 2024

Chardham Yatra Opening and Closing Dates 2024

The Chardham Yatra starts in April/May and lasts until October/November, as the region is inaccessible during the winter months due to heavy snowfall. The pilgrimage is believed to cleanse the entire soul and bring spiritual enlightenment to the pilgrims.

Every year the temple committee, Kedar-Badri Mandir Samiti, confirms the precise dates prior to the sacred day of Akshaya Tritiya. According to the Hindu calendar, Akshaya Tritiya is a highly revered and fortunate day. It is also regarded as Akha Teej, which is thought to bring good prosperity.

If we talk about the Char Dham Yatra schedule for 2024, Yamunotri and Gangotri, two out of the four temples (Char Dhams), will welcome pilgrims on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya (April 22) for this year. This is just a few days after Kedarnath on April 26, and Badrinath on April 27 would be crowded by pilgrims, further starting the process of booking char dham Yatra package online.

The Char Dham Yatra travels in a clockwise orientation, Yamunotri is where the sacred trek starts. After traveling through Gangotri and Kedarnath, the holy Char Dham pilgrimage comes to an end at Badrinath. The deity of each of these temples relocates to its winter residence during the extremely cold months. Ukhimath for Kedarnath, Joshimath for Badrinath, Mukhba for Gangotri, and Kharsali for Yamunotri. These winter quarters’ doors are always open for visitors to come and go as they want. At the end of any of the Chardham tour packages 2024, make sure that it includes a visit to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri yatra. You can complete this Char Dham Yatra with the help of the best Char Dham Yatra packages of MND Travels.

Holy shrines of Chardham Yatra

Kedarnath Dham Yatra

Kedarnath sits near the source of the Mandakini River, the Chorabari Glacier, and is backed by the icy peaks of the Himalayas. It is located at an elevation of 11,755 feet, and the closest road to Kedarnath is Gaurikund, which is about 14 kilometers away from the temple. The stone hump revered in the temple has a legendary significance that dates back to the Mahabharata epic, in which the Pandavas begged Lord Shiva for mercy after defeating the Kauravas, who were eventually members of their own family. Lord Shiva, however, did not pardon them, which strengthened the Pandavas’ resolve to beg for pardons. Shiva changed into a bull and traveled to Earth to escape them. He left his hump in Kedarnath, which is commemorated by the Adi Shankaracharya temple from the eighth century and is relatively close to the Chorabari glacier.

Due to its proximity to the Chorabari Glacier, where the Mandakini River originates, the Kedarnath Temple offers one of the most breathtaking settings of any Hindu temple. Kedarnath, one out of the twelve Jyotirlingas that draw Hindu visitors during the summer, is distinguished by deep canyons, apple orchards, snow-capped peaks, and terraced slopes. The closest main road, Gaurikund, is around 14 km away and can be used to get to Kedarnath. From Jangal Chatti, the walk ascends Chhoti Linchuli and Badi Linchuli for about 4 kilometers before crossing the Mandakini River and heading to Kedarnath Peak’s south face.

Badrinath Dham Yatra

Badrinath Temple also enjoys a stunning location at the foot of the snow-capped pyramid-shaped Nilkantha peak dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It was built by Guru Adi Shankaracharya in the eighth century and boasts a beautiful setting in addition to being one of Chardham’s easier-to-reach temples.

But throughout time, the temple has been repaired and updated. Hot springs with water that reaches a searing 40 degrees Celsius serve as the community’s washroom and swimming pool at the base of the temple. The Badrinayaran statue or idol was discovered in the Alakananda River by Adi Shankaracharya, who also constructed the original Badrinath temple.

Gangotri Dham Yatra

Gangotri Temple is one of the holiest shrines in the country, primarily because it is a source of the most revered Hindu river, the Ganges. According to tradition, the nearby rock protected the ground from potential damage the river would have caused when it spilled into the sky from the braided strands of Shiva by acting as a cushion. This boulder is thought to have been deliberately positioned by Lord Shiva to fend off the assault of the rushing flood. Amar Singh Thapa, a Gorkha commander, constructed the Gangotri temple in the 18th century. Despite being the principal Ganges source, Gaumukh is a glacier that is located around 19 km from the Gangotri temple.

 Yamunotri Dham Yatra

Among the shrines of Chardham, the Yamunotri temple was built in the 19th century near the source of the holy river Yamuna. The distance between the temple and the isolated Janki Chatti village is roughly 5 kilometers. Around the temple, there are a number of hot springs that are ideal for bathing. You can also find pilgrims preparing rice and potatoes for Prasad within the shrine.

Created by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century, the Chardham yatra includes Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. From last week of April to June is the ideal time to visit Char-dham since the weather is pleasant, allowing you to travel and explore without feeling chilly or having your teeth chattered.

Book Chardham yatra online from MND Travel and get full booking and traveling support from our team. we are highly delighted to have been able to assit countless devotees to visit Chardham via MND Travel

FAQs about Char Dham Yatra 2024

Is Char Dham Open?

The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand remains open from the last week of April to October. Char Dham temples remain closed during the winter. The closing dates of Char Dham fall near Diwali.

What is the best time to visit Char Dham?

The best time to visit Char Dham is between May and June 15. Avoid visiting Char Dham during the monsoon seasons. October is also a good time to visit Char Dham Temples.

Can I visit Char Dham with Helicopter?

Yes, helicopter tours to Char Dham are available from Dehradun. Many helicopter companies operate same-day “2 Dham Tours” covering Kedarnath and Badrinath. Char Dham Heli Tours can be completed in 3-5 days from Dehradun. You can check our packages for Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter from Dehradun.

From where Char Dham Tours begin?

Most of the Char Dham Tours commence from Haridwar. Some of the tour operators may also offer Char Dham Packages from Rishikesh or Dehradun as well.

What is the duration of Char Dham Tour Packages?

Char Dham Tour Packages are normally completed in 7-9 days. We recommend you not to hurry and spend adequate time in each of the char dhams during the pilgrimage.

Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra package 2024

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